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Carlos has an awesome story first of all us a story that should be a a movie so people can learn to overcome situation and beyond at Carlos is one of the few speaker that is truly a natural speaker and this is coming from someone who's heard zig Ziglar who's heard the best of the best in the professional thspeaker right now but Carlos is one of the two people I ever heard that is a natural communicator speaker is one thing but he's a pure communicator and he will get the point across to your group to your organization and he will bring the goal home. There's nobody better to bring in than Carlos I'm fan a synopsis of a very short short synopsis of my background in your guy can connect that to what I already sent this is coming from a guy who's talkin about Carlos and spent a few years as a professional speaker speak in the university's speaking on darme the base speaking to all different groups but did it for a few years in charge of advertising sales over 25 years of a minardi newspaper also connected to a marketing agency to develop companies so this is my background to share about Carlos and knowing who he is and what he brings.

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